Our Luxury Collection Within Tea Estates

98 Acres

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Experience the beauty and serenity of Sri Lanka’s scenic hill country within the luxurious comforts of a boutique hotel par excellence.


Castlereagh Bungalow

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Travellers approaching Castlereagh from the road can glimpse tantalising views across the lake of this magnificent symbol of the glory days.


Heritance Tea Factory

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Where else in the world can you stay in a converted tea factory, pluck your own tea and take it home with you as a souvenir.


Taylors Hill

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Located in Deltota, 30km south of Kandy, Taylor’s Hill is an old planter’s mansion converted into a luxury boutique hotel.



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Thotalagala bungalow is surrounded by 20 acres of lawn and patana grass. From the edge of the lawn a sweeping vista greets the eye.


Norwood Bungalow

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At Norwood commands a fine view of the eastern end of the Bogawantalawa valley and rests in the shelter of one of the finest bamboo


Summerville Bungalow

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High above the lake at the edge of a tea plantation, Summerville stands sentinel. This five-room bungalow enjoys magnificent views of the water


Khanda Kanda

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Set amidst the palm fringed jungle and tea plantations of southern Sri Lanka, Kahanda Kanda is a hidden gem where culture, and luxury combine.


The Secret Ella

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Nestled in the hills outside Ella, surrounded by tea plantations, colonial tea estate bungalow that has been transformed into a boutique hotel.


Rosyth Estate House

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A 1926 colonial planter’s bungalow set in a 62 acre private tea and rubber estate offering outstanding accommodation, exceptional food experiences.


Tientsin Bunglow

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Named after the Chinese village from which the original tea seedlings came, this very British residence is a historical landmark.


Dunkeld Bungalow

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Poised high above Castlereaghlake, the bungalow looks down on the verdant tea fields of Dunkeld estate and the tea factory.


Madukelle Tea & Eco Lodge

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Madulkelle Tea and Eco Lodge is nestled on a picturesque tea plantation, on the Knuckles Mountain Range 1000 meters above sea level.


Stafford Bungalow

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Set amongst the stunning tea plantations in Sri Lanka, Stafford Bungalow is a family heritage home, initially built by the Scottish planters in 1884.


Governor’s Mansion

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Guests can experience a relaxing holiday in tranquility, where paneled walls, old yet gleaming wooden floors and attractive fireplaces.

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