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The Blissful Getaway!

The Tropical Island of Sri Lanka is located South East of India and is more popularly known as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’, owing to its diverse culture and picturesque natural scenery. The Island is any tourist’s heaven as it is home to many exotic locations which offer a wide array of cultural exposure as well as historic significance. The Island is also popular for the various activities it conducts such as snorkelling, hiking, mountain climbing as well as kitesurfing.

The Commercial Capital, Colombo is home to vivid attractions such as the Lotus Tower and the ‘Nelum Pokuna’ Theatre. The city is also home to four different religions and ethnicities which helps in establishing Sri Lanka as one of the most multicultural countries in the world.

Whether you’re here on Business or simply for a Holiday, Atro Holidays is your number one travel partner when it comes to navigating though this blissful island. We’ve got an array of packages and activities for you and your family to enjoy whilst on your stay here. Whether it’s finding a place to lodge or simply figuring out where to visit next, we’ve got the best solution for you.

Our Luxury Collections

The Perfect Mix of Star-Studded Service and Comfort, at your Fingertips

While Sri Lanka, might be the place for you to really explore the outdoors, it is also home to an array of Luxury Hotels and 5 Star Restaurants which makes it a place for anyone and everyone to visit. Atro Holidays combines all of this into one Luxury Tour Package which will help you to get the best out of Sri Lanka during your stay!

Explore Sri Lanka

Wonder among the Magical Sceneries Filled with Breaths That You’d Never Forget

Witness the wonders of this mesmerizing island Sri Lanka, which is small in size yet grandeur with its natural beauty, fauna and flora, culture and traditions. Breathe in the golden beaches or find tranquility among the living rain forests or travel back in time to find amazing creations of the ancient civilizations under the ashes. Find whatever you could imagine right in front of your eyes!

Within Tea Estates

Sri Lanka’s biggest esteem is among the green leaves of the never ending horizons of tea states. Fill your lungs with the fresh fragrance of rich tea, while tasting a wonderful cup of tea.

Cultural Heritage Holidays

Take your steps in utmost care for this island has borne many heavy histories of fused ethnicities, religions, customs and practices rich enough to make you wonder for eternity.


It is a paradise for the lovers to commemorate their journey together with a relaxing stay at a romantic setting among the hills or on the tropical beaches of their choice.

Family Holidays

Sri Lanka is among the safest, affordable and most preferable destinations to tour with your family and loved ones. Enjoy the unbelievable care and hospitality of the local community.

Wildlife Safari Holidays

With the rich and diverse geographical landscapes spread around the island, wildlife safari is not to be missed experience, where you become one with the nature with no interruptions.

Hill Country Holidays

The Hill Country is located in the central region of Sri Lanka with a mild climate and great atmosphere. It is home to the Temple of Sacred Tooth Relic and many related cultural events.

Beyond Sri Lanka

If You Have The Eyes To See And A Soul That Longs To Wonder!

World is filled with never ending wonders that await to be explored by the kind like you who seek to find beauty of creation, nature, and life in its originality. Huge diversity of the communities, civilizations, lifestyles, landscapes, weather conditions brings beauty. Embrace the differences you’d encounter, fill your heart with memories of new places and new faces that you’d never forget.

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